FizzBuzz without IF in 89 bytes.

A solution that requires only 89 characters and uses no if-statements is this one:

for n in range(1,101):
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A KIT-ish style sheet for matplotlib

Below is a matplotlib style sheet that gives plots a KIT-ish feel. The pasted file below can be saved under ~/.config/matplotlib/stylelib/kit.mplstyle and used as follows"kit")
# your standard plot

Below are three dummy plots, once with the default style and once with the kit style.

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A Python Dictionary of Color Combinations

The book ‘A Dictionary of Color Combinations’ by Sanzo Wada contains a collection of beautifully crafted color This repository creates a digital version of that version that can be used digitally and is basically a less polished version of the repository ‘sanzo-wada’ by dblodorn.

The dictionaries containing the combinations and colors can also be found in the APDOCC repository.

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Copying old posts from Wordpress

Here are some of the images that were hosted on the old Wordpress website. The post content might follow in the future. For now, this is just a collection of images

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Including d3js

The following graph is taken from the D3.js example gallery and is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

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