Written on February 12, 2020

A Python Dictionary of Color Combinations

The book ‘A Dictionary of Color Combinations’ by Sanzo Wada contains a collection of beautifully crafted color https://raw.githubusercontent.com/camminady/APDOCC/master/combinations. This repository creates a digital version of that version that can be used digitally and is basically a less polished version of the repository ‘sanzo-wada’ by dblodorn.

The dictionaries containing the combinations and colors can also be found in the APDOCC repository.

How to use

The main files are combinations.json and colors.json. Loading them as combinations and colors respectively, the usage is as follows:

>>>combinations[4] # note that '4' is the key of the dict. 
[50, 148] # combination '4' is composed of colors '50' and '148'

>>>colors[50] # check out color '50'
{'name': 'Isabella Color',
 'cmyk': [15, 28, 60, 10],
 'combinations': [4, 12, 241, 292],
 'rgbfloat': (195.07500000000002, 165.24, 91.8),
 'rgb': [195, 165, 91],
 'hex': '#c3a55b',
 'index': 51}

There are a total of 348 combinations and 157 different colors. Combinations contain one, two, three, four, or five colors.

All combinations

These are all combinations, sorted by number of colors contained.

One color (arguably not a combination)

Two colors

Three colors

Four colors

Five colors